Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall


Copyright: Brooks Leibee/Unsplash
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Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall

With its touch of luxury shopping, Cancún turns into a most coveted holiday resort. The Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall boasts the most prestigious brands in beauty, fashion, jewellery, and watches in a luxurious environment and exclusive service.


Amidst the beaches, jungle, and culture, Cancún also provides its visitors with every shopping experience imaginable. From traditional market stalls selling local handicrafts to modern indoor and outdoor shopping malls, Cancún's shops are as versatile and creative as its people, and the privileged tax status of Cancún (10%) makes it a popular destination for buying luxury items--you can still practice your bartering skills at the markets, although most shops have fixed prices. Mexico is the world's number one exporter of cowboy boots and is also famous for its silverware, tequila, hot chili sauces, and handcrafted pottery. Other popular souvenirs are vanilla essence, Aloe Vera products, blankets, and, of course, the famous Mexican sombreros.