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Cenotes (sinkholes) are deep wells with crystal clear water that can be accessed when the roof of a cave collapses. Fed by underground rivers, the cenotes were the main source of freshwater for the Mayans and therefore are considered sacred. They are unique to the Yucatán peninsula, and still to this day, the underground cave system connecting all the cenotes remains largely unexplored. Witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the large clusters of stalactites and stalagmites being mirrored in the crystal clear cool waters is a unique experience. Every cenote has its own particular beauty, and putting on a swimsuit and snorkelling in the pool is an absolutely unforgettable experience. Some tour operators also offer cave diving excursions for very experienced divers.

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Apart from its dreamy beaches and energetic nightlife, Cancún offers a myriad of activities to fill your day. From historical sites where you can learn more about Mexico’s rich history and culture to breathtaking and unique natural spots to thrilling water sports and even the chance to swim with dolphins—or sharks for the courageous ones.