Passport VIP Event

Heading to New Horizons?

Get Your Passport at Our Exclusive VIP Event!

Imagine if securing your passport was as exciting as planning your dream vacation. Well, Amy Jones Travel, in collaboration with Authentic Travel Advisors, is making that happen with a fabulous, VIP twist!
Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening on January 25, 2024, in Rock Hill, SC. We're rolling out the red carpet for an exclusive, after-hours passport application event where becoming a world traveler just got a whole lot easier - and way more glamorous.
Forget about squeezing a passport appointment into your busy schedule. This invite-only soirée isn't just about the light bites and casual sips; we're breaking down the barriers so you can apply for a new passport, renew your existing one, or even apply for your little adventurer's first passport book. It's the full service with a side of luxury.
To ensure that everything is smooth sailing, a non-refundable deposit of $35 is required for each application or renewal. Think of this as your boarding pass - it guarantees your slot and pays the Clerk of Court fee when you arrive at our event. No show? No problem for us, but that's a ticket to Lost Opportunity Land for you, as the deposit is a no-show fee as well.
Here are the essentials you need to budget for:
  • Passport book fees: $130
  • Clerk of Court fee: $35 (Your pre-paid golden ticket!)
  • Picture-perfect passport photo: $10 (Bring your own, but make sure it's an approval magnet!)


We’ll get you prepped with the necessary applications, fee schedules, and the all-important link for the $35 Clerk of Court fee way before the event. Please remember, this is a passport acceptance event - it won't spit out your passport then and there, but it's the golden step towards making sure your travel dreams don't stay just dreams.


For those that need expedited service zips by at $60 a pop.

For the young globetrotters aged 0-16, both captains (aka parents or guardians) must be present. Their passport fees are a sweet deal at $110, with the same Clerk of Court and photo fees.

Stay tuned for the exact time and place. But for now, keep stashing those pennies, gather your paperwork, and dream about where your new passport could take you. Adventure is just around the corner, and at Amy Jones Travel, we can't wait to help you go further!

For any questions or to get on the VIP list, just give Amy Jones Travel a holler. Your next chapter begins here!



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